Signs You Are Forcing Things In Your Relationship

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Seeing couples smile in their relationship does not mean that they are happy and okay. 

There are a good number of partners who are just in relationships forcing things to work out. 

In every relationship, there is always a single partner who want more in a relationship while the other is just okay with holding things back.

As a result, the downfall of the relationship starts there. 

Here are some of the signs that you are forcing thing in your relationship.

1. You no longer imagine a future with him

As love birds, the biggest task that partners usually have are planning for a better future together. 

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However, there are some partners who are just together having no plan for their future together. 

If you are the type of a single partner who doesn’t see any future with him but you are still together, then know that you are forcing things in your relationship.

2. You are not bringing him home to meet the family

Another way that you are forcing things in your relationship is when you don’t want him to meet your family members.

 One can only do that when she knows that what they have won’t last for long.

3. He says “I love you,” you say “Thank you”

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First and foremost, it hurts telling someone that you love them and the only reply you get is “Thank you.” 

Having this in mind but still do that, automatically indicates that you are not happy in the relationship but you are forcing yourself to be there.

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