Intimate Talk: 6 Ugly Truths About Modern Relationships

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Gone are the days when dating was predictable and straightforward. New age relationships have evolved and are unfortunately bundled up with insecurity and laced with lust. Yes, modern relationships have some ugly truths that you’ve got to deal with before you decide to take the plunge and go to the next level. Here are some of them:

1. Wrong mode of communication: We are forever stuck between choosing the right mode of communication – social media, texting, Whatsapp – which is the reason more often than not, the point is lost in translation. Texting, messaging and emails can make things more complicated. Why not go in for the face-to-face method and keep it straightforward?

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2. Looks are important: Most people today consider looks as an extremely important factor and would give up a good man for a good looking man. This could be a big mistake, so choose wisely.

3. Lust comes before love: For most modern relationships it’s all about the ‘L’ word. The difference between love and lust is forgotten and more often than not the former is mistaken for the latter. So what you think might be love could actually just be attraction to good looks. Be clear on what you like in the opposite person so that there is no room for confusion.

4. Misinterpretation: The I-am-too-cool-to-care person that you are trying to be can easily be misinterpreted as the not interested, non caring attitude which could stop your relationship from going to the next level.

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5. Social media syndrome: Social media can play havoc in relationships. The secret flirting, personal messages and picture stalking just doesn’t do any good for your relationship.

6. It’s all about sex: One night stands, flings and sex dates have become extremely common in today’s day and age. Make sure you are not in a relationship that revolves around sex. It isn’t wrong to want more than physical intimacy.

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