Three Ways Guys Wish Women Would Take The Lead In Relationships

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Now that we are in a new era, it’s time to stop putting all relationships baggage on men’s shoulders. Women should also come out to ensure that they also contribute in one way or the other. 

There are many ways in which men with a woman would show their lead when it comes to relationships. 

Here are some of how guys want women to prove a point in relations; 

1. If you feel passionate about a topic, bring it up 

Women are used to the fact that it’s the work of men to start a discussion in every talk. However, men also wish that women would sometime begin a conversation so that both genders can enjoy the privilege. 

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2. Suggest your ideal date 

When it comes to going out for a date, it is important to always open up about your perfect date place. If you are not the type of person who likes going to movies or dinner, you can always suggest where you want to go. Men are not minded readers to know what you want when it comes to going for dates. 

3. Pay for dinner/drinks 

When it comes to paying for drinks or dinner, this has been the work of men for years. However, for this era, it’s the wish of men to see women stand up for the bill once in a while.

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