Four Mistakes That Make You Look Desperate In A Relationship

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When hitting on a girl it becomes a turn off when you start acting desperate. She wants you to like her for her not because you want a girlfriend so badly. Things that make you look like a desperado.

1. Declaring your feelings too early into the relationship

After a couple of dates most men would want to confess their feelings to a woman. But normally women are not sure about their feelings until after several dates. Invest more time and emotion into it this way talking about a commitment becomes easy since you are almost there.

2. Asking for details about her relationships

Before the two of you start being exclusive you are free to date other people. Asking her about it will portray that you are controlling and jealous. And she would imagine it will get worse as you progress.

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3. Being too available

If you ask her out and she is unavailable let her tell you when she is not let her know that you are free all the time. A hardworking man values his time and he is out there chasing his dreams. Being too available might make her think you don’t have anything better to do.

4. Double texting when there is no response

When you text her and she does not reply do not text again. Maybe she is busy and another text won’t change that fact. Just text her after a day or two.

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