5 Texts That Will Make Her Crave For Your Presence

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For a relationship to blossom, it has to have a good foundation and the commitment from both partners to keep it going.

All of these prerequisites that point towards a successful relationship are basically built on good communication. The ability for both of you to communicate effectively is what will bring eternal calm and happiness.

Messaging is the most common and most efficient mode of communication among partners. On that note, you have to make sure that the text you compose will be smiled upon and not draw a frown on her face. Ladies like to receive certain texts at any point in time and will occasionally be seen smiling on that phone screen.

Here are five messages that will make her miss you, even more, when you are away:

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1. ‘I wish you were here with me’

As simple as it may sound, telling her that you want to be with her will make her happy. You need to train yourself to be sending her such a text just to tell her how much you miss her.

2. ‘I think my friends hate how strong our love is’

Your friends can make or break your relationship. Some may hate and respect your partner in almost similar proportions.

To make her happy and proud of the relationship, you need to keep telling her that your friends are probably jealous of the thing you have between yourselves. How you do that will be upon you.

3. ‘I hate waking up without you’

If you happen to be away from her in any way, always remind her that you are always finding it hard to wake up and find that there is no one on that left-hand side or the right. It’s something she will be proud of.

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4. ‘You are the only person I want to be with’

This will just mean that she means more to you than she can ever imagine. This is more than all she wants to hear,  quite literally.

5. ‘I love texting you, but I would rather see you’

Would you resist seeing him if he sent you such a message? Not for anything!

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