Why Age Shouldn’t Matter

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In the current generation, we have witnessed people with huge age gaps date and even get married.

However, most people in the African community tend to judge such people and treat such relationships as a big taboo.

The most affected type of relationship is that of an older woman and a younger man.

Men who marry older women are always condemned, and this sometimes ends up destroying their esteem.

But, age shouldn’t matter when it comes to relationships because of the following reasons:

1. It doesn’t define what couples feel for each other

Age can never describe what couples feel for each other; the two people in the relationship are the only ones who understand the deep feeling they have for each other.

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For that case, age should never matter when it comes to true love.

2. It’s just a number

Age is just a number and doesn’t define love; maturity is what matters most in relationships.

If both partners are on the same level of maturity, age shouldn’t interfere with their choices about the relationship.

3. It’s not a source of happiness

People with the ‘perfect age gap’ often marry each other, but that never guarantees their happiness in the marriage.

This is so because age isn’t a source of happiness for couples.

Hence, people should not make couples’ age a big deal.

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