3 Reasons You Should Stop Discussing Your Relationship With Your Friends

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Most women like sharing their personal information and especially on relationship matters to their close girlfriends. 

They do not care stating their relationship secrets, problems and any plans to their female friends. 

Relationship is a personal and fragile matter that should not be shared anyhow with friends. 

It is important to remember that your girlfriends might not be happy that you are comfortable in your relationship and they would therefore go an extra mile to snatch the happiness from you or do anything within their reach to make you sad. 

Here are the reasons you should stop discussing your relationship with your girlfriends; 

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1. Receiving bad advice 

When discussing about your relationship with your friends, they will offer to give you advice on how to handle your partner. This might be attributed to malice and envy. Ensure you do not take what you think will not be good for your relationship. 

2. They will always be jealous of you 

Do not go telling your friends how your partner brought you expensive gifts or how he treated you to an expensive vocation. This will arise your friends jealousy and they may plan to ensure you part ways. 

3. Comparison and bad attitude towards your partner 

Avoid sharing your relationship status to your female friends as they will negatively compare them to their own boyfriends and this can lead to negative attitude to him hence weakening your relationship as they will tend to talk bad about him.

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