Types Of Love You Need To Know

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Love is always a nice and interesting thing to be in. 

However, love can at times become so complicated to the point of hating it altogether. 

It is very certain that as some wish they were in a relationship others are desperately trying to get out of one. 

Nonetheless, love undeniably runs the world. 

Many relationships have flourished and blossomed basically because of love. 

Love can occur between two or more people at the same time. 

Apart from enhancing relationships, love bonds and connects individuals in a unified link of trust and intimacy. 

But what many lovebirds do not know is that there exist different types of love. 

Some probably are not even aware of the category of love upon which they fall.Take a look at the following types of love, 

Platonic love 

This is the type of love that does not involve intimacy as it is all about admiration. 

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The partners in this type of love do not grope or cuddle each other. 

It can be between partners of same or different gender. 


This is usually a relationship that involves intimacy but lasts within a short time. 

Intimate love 

This is love driven by sex.The partners in this love are not connected with intimacy and enjoy making love with each other all the time. 

Narcissistic love 

This is a ‘selfish-oriented’ type of love. 

In this one, partners get into a relationship to see what they can get out of it. 

Moreover, with this love, one lover does not care about the happiness of the other partner but oneself. 

Obsession type of love 

With obsession, one partner is always scared, insecure and obsessive about the relationship. 

This one partner is over addicted to the other partner hence feels helpless and lonely without the other partner close to them. 

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Unrequited love 

This type of love is normally full of heartbreaks.as one partner is out to use the other party and leave them. 


This one involves intense infatuation for someone normally characterized by a sense of grinning satisfaction every time you see that person. 

Amorous love 

This type of love involves reciprocation from both partners. 

Both partners are happy for each other and just wanting to spend time together because you are always having the best time of your lives. 

Friendly Love 

No strings attached in this one, no sexual intentions hence the simplest of all the types of love. 

In most cases, it does exist between family members and friends.

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