4 Tricks To Avoid Being Used In A Relationship

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Most relationships fail because some partners take advantage of each other. It is sad when you realize that someone you love is taking advantage of you. To avoid being a victim of such a situation, here are four tricks that will help you: 

1. Know your worth 

Most people are used in relationships because they don’t know their value and worth. If you understand the two things, no one will ever take you for granted. You will always want what is the best for you. 

2. Don’t lower your standards 

People have different standards in life. If someone loves you, he/she will live with your standards. However, having no standards will make you settle for anything in life, and that’s how people will use you. 

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3. Believe all red flags 

In relationships, there are many signs that someone is taking advantage of you. Never ignore such signs. Always be serious with such signs to avoid being a victim in the relationship. 

4. Don’t believe in apologies 

Some people are good at apologizing. They use these apologies to cover up their wrong doings and make you suffer. Some people do things because they are used to doing them. Therefore, it is time you stop taking in apologies.

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