When Love Is Blind

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There comes a time and an age in life that we need some special individuals to share our feelings, love, craziness and all the fun we have ever dreamnt of. Someone to feel. Someone to love. Someone to hold, kiss, touch, share the words that drive us to the worlds unknown; just like a dream come true.

These are the times we become more noticeable. We look beautiful, pretty, handsome, curvy, and friendly, name it all towards the opposite sex. Men look masculine with broadened shoulders that girls could hardly doubt protection; he can even fight a lion and kill it just to protect her.

Well, some feel too secure and totally in a world of their own. Love blinds them to the extent that they feel the most powerful in the world. The world becomes a better place to exist and share every bit of love games they can indulge. Nevertheless forget the true meaning of love. They stay in the darkness of the blind love; and take no heed to any piece of advice because they believe to be the masters of love.

For instance, when love is blind:

There’s immense infatuation

Infatuation at first sight can happen, but not love. Love is a spiritual and emotional connection between two people. A number of youths have fallen into relationships that I can term as fantasies.

They easily get carried away by the unreasonable passion and believe it is love when they are just passing and wasting time for each other. The couple loses interest in everything that pertains to the normality of a relationship. In a number of cases, some will neglect the duties of life as if they were matters of little concern.

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Love is infatuated when it is described as the warm glow of impulse, the fascination of one young person for another. True love has an intellectual basis; deep thorough knowledge of the object loved.

2.There’s too much ignorance

Love is blind when the reason to falling in love is blinded and judgment overthrown. Youths tend to hate corrections from their elder because they trust their judgement more. The involved in such a relationship will not submit to any advice or control but rather insist on having their own way, regardless of the consequences.

Most of us believe we know it all than even our parents who have passed through the same route to get where they are. The best advisors must be our parents.

Ignorance is realized either after a heartbreak or when the relationship is unstable.

3.There’s more use of words than actions

Relationships that involve much of words and less of actions are blinded in a pool of succumbing. Love is actions in truth. Actions does not necessarily mean making love or acting married when no member from your family or friends have approved it.

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Actions such as patience, trust and tolerance must be instilled. Some involves themselves in too much of words and forget to act in line with their future. Words that do not actualize in actions will never change anything rather waste the special time for building a firm foundation for the relationship.

Rules and principles are broken

Take an example of campus relationships, a number of times those that fantasize to be in love break rules and principles they have set to guide them. Some might end up indulging themselves in alcohol intake, immorality among other vices that can corrupt their being and mind just to fit the circle of ‘blind love’.

This mainly happens to make the other partner happy or fit into his or her world of fun. Once one breaks the rules towards the negative side alluding it as following where the heart wants to be is blind love. Blind love sets in vices and scraps off virtues.

Though blind love may not be as bad as illustrated, sometimes it may give room to knowing the right and the wrong after a bitter experience.

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