How To Handle “Nasty” Pictures From Past Relationships

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Have you ever found yourself in this tricky situation where the relationship you had given your everything just ends and you remain wondering what you are going to do with the explicit contents you were exchanging with your ex? 

Different people will give different opinions regarding this subject; as it suits you, make the right choice.

In a past interview, a lifestyle blog, conducted an interview to find out what people who have been in relationships do with the nasty pictures of their ex-lovers. 

There were only two answers; some delete them while others keep the photos for memories sake.

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In the interview, one Kathleen deletes the nude pictures in a move that will help her try to move on and focus on a something new. She argues that holding on to the past good memories means that you are not ready to move on to to meet the new adventures. 

However, another interview argued that they would love to hold on to the photos for a number of reasons; even though the relationship has ended, they still want to enjoy the muse of the gone days. 

Another reason that was given is confidence. The respondents said that since they believe they were also appreciated at some point and someone trusted them, it is worthwhile to keep the photos.

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They also said that they keep the nude photos as a leverage or for blackmail purposes. 

Always be careful when sharing such pictures because no one knows what will happen when the relationship ends. Be cautious.

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