What To Do When Your Lover Doesn’t Accept Your Apology

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Human beings are not perfect. We make mistakes that can affect our relationship with others.

It is good to say sorry when you hurt someone without knowing. However, not all people are ready to accept our apologies.

If someone doesn’t take your apology, you will be left wondering what to do. Here are three things to do if this happens.

1. Give them space

Giving the person some room will allow him/her to rethink about your relationship. It doesn’t make sense to be on his or her neck because you want forgiveness. Continue with your daily business once you have said sorry to someone you wronged.

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2. Avoid defending yourself

There is no need to protect yourself all the time. Defending yourself will not change anything about the situation.

It also makes the person think you are not sincere in your apology. Remember not all apologies are accepted.

3. Show you are sorry with actions

Actions speaks louder than words. There comes a time when you need to act rather than speak. Do not waste time on words alone.

Talk to the person and act on the same. Let the person see your action for themselves. Do not repeat the mistakes that cost your relationship with the person, if you want to mend the broken pieces.

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