What Men Really Want In Relationships

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Have you ever heard a guy tell you “I’m not ready for a serious relationship” or “I need my freedom”? 

Men say stuff like this all the time to women but what does it really mean?

Do you know what men want when it comes to dating? And what can you do to turn his withdrawal and resistance around, and create more intimacy and connection?

Stop listening to his words and start paying attention to what’s really going on at a deeper level inside his heart. This is because what is shown on the surface is often not what is really going on underneath. 

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Most men don’t know what they want from a woman and a relationship. They just know how they feel when they are with a woman, and whether they want more of this feeling or not. 

The secret is that most men do want a relationship with an amazing woman. And when a man finally experiences what it’s like to be with the right woman for him, he quickly becomes emotionally involved and not only stops resisting a long term relationship but a man will actually become the one begging from a woman. If a man says to you, “I need to be alone right now”, what a man really suggests is:

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“I want a woman who will make me feel better when I’m with her than I do in my everyday life as a single man. And I’m not feeling that way with you.”

Or when a man says, “I’m not ready for a relationship”, it doesn’t mean he is somehow unable to have a real relationship. It usually means that he doesn’t want a relationship with you.

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