Checkout List Of Countries In Africa With Highest Coronavirus Deaths

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Africa has recorded over 3,900 deaths due to complications arising from COVID-19 (coronavirus).

According to the latest number released by the World Health Organization, WHO, regional office for Africa in Brazzaville, Congo, there are 3,995 deaths recorded in the continent.

Africa has also recorded over 139,000 COVID-19 cases and 58,000 recoveries in 54 countries.

As of Sunday morning, Egypt has 879 reported deaths, the highest on the continent, followed by Algeria with 646 fatalities and South Africa with 643 deaths.

Other countries are Nigeria (273 deaths), Sudan (233 deaths), Morocco (203 deaths), Cameroon (185 deaths), Mali (76 deaths), Somalia (73 deaths), DR Congo (68 deaths), Chad (65 deaths), Niger (64 deaths), and Kenya (63 deaths).

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