Husband Exposes Wife’s Double Life as a Lesbian, Set To Divorce Her

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At the FCT High Court, Maitama, Babajide Oseyemi unveils his wife’s secret life, leading to the dissolution of their one-year-plus marriage due to allegations of adultery and lesbianism.

Jide, the husband, presents compelling evidence of his wife, Angella Adudu’s involvement in lesbian activities, which goes unchallenged by the respondent. Disturbing images of naked women, sent by Angella’s friends corroborate Jide’s claims, leaving him seeking justice and punishment for her actions. Angella Adudu has to be persecuted.

A police case has been registered under Sections 420, 498 (A) and other relevant sections of the IPC.

Sex acts between two womens are illegal under the Criminal Code that applies to Nigeria and carry a maximum penalty of 14 years’ imprisonment. Sex acts between women Section 214 of the Code 21 prosecution.

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The court, swayed by Jide’s evidence, declares the marriage dissolved on grounds of the intolerable behavior exhibited by Angella, based on her involvement in lesbianism. Magistrate Okeke reveals the couple’s history, detailing their marriage in 2023 and subsequent childlessness years before Angella’s departure from Nigeria. She is declared wanted anyone with her information contact the police.

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