“Stupid Girl”- Actress Ada Ameh Blasts Ka3na For Condemning Her Fan Who Tattooed Her Name On Her Thigh

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Actress Ada Ameh has blasted BBNaija star, Ka3na, for condemning her fan who tattooed her name on her thigh.

Ka3na was appalled that her fan tattooed her name and shared a video berating the fan.

In a video posted online this afternoon, Ms. Ameh blasted Ka3na and called her a ”stupid girl”.

”You went on Twitter and you wrote something that you would have loved someone to have a tattoo of you on their body and this young lady did.

You came, did a video and you were all flirting with your hair and you were being sarcastic and that was very wicked of you.

You know yourself.  After this video those people that know her will tag her because I know she can never talk to me because she can’t even dare it because if she dares it, she will know that all of us ‘get equal level but crase get category’.

My point exactly is simple. You don’t know that a lot of people look up to us. Some people can crazily love you to a very destructive point. You encouraged her. She tattoed you and at the end of the day you came and you said it was wrong..you were giving instances, I couldn’t even finish it because I was so angry. I wish Instagram had a place you could just send a voice note , I would have done that to that stupid girl”

"Stupid girl"- Actress Ada Ameh blasts Ka3na for condemning her fan who tattoed her name on her thigh (video)

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