Signs You’re Just A Back Up Lover

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A back up lover is a lover who is kept at arm’s length and ready by someone if perhaps — due to unforeseen circumstances his/her present relationship hit the brick 

A back up lover is a “Plan B” or second choice that you have apart from your main lover in a relationship. 

Reports has showed that women tend to have back up lovers more than men. And also married women have back up lovers more than ladies that are just in a relationship 

So how do you know when you’re actually someone’s second choice after all? 

1. Your lover tries to avoid commitment 

Of course,it’s normal. He/she is probably committed or about to be committed to their main lover and would not want a commitment crisis on his/her neck by committing to you again 

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2. You have no knowledge whatsoever about his/her relations 

You know you’re second choice when you’re been starved consistently and constantly of any knowledge about any of his/her family members. You don’t get to know his/her mum,dad,brothers or sisters 

3. You’re not official 

Knowledge of your relationship is kept a secret. This is another sign you’re not top choice when it comes to your lover. If someone is already official then you can’t be. 

4. You’re there for more bad times than good. 

You’re probably the back up lover if you find out that your lover only craves your attention only when he/she is down maybe emotionally or any other way. You’re like a sounding board every time something goes wrong 

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5. You don’t get the attention even when you know he/she is free 

Week ends are more or less period you should get your lovers attention most especially after stressful weekdays but that only happens when you’re not second choice after all.

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