5 Ways To Make Him Crazily Miss You

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Does he act like he does not really care? Have you tried “absence makes them crave for your presence” trick and things are yet to change? We can help. See 5 ways to make him miss you like crazy: 

1. Leave things behind knowingly: I am asking you to intentionally leave behind any of your properties like your pen or scarf that will always remind him of you. This will make him think about you every time he sees it.
2. Use a special perfume: Make sure your smell is so unique that he will always remember you whenever he smells it. Scent and memory go together.
3. An amazing make over: The makeover should be just the way he likes it. Dress in such a way that he will not want to let you go. He will never forget such moments.
4. Give him time: The truth is absence really makes them crave your presence. Spend time away from him and it will make him get to the stage of wanting you around. This might be tough for you, but it can change your relationship forever.
5. Focus on you: Physical beauty is key to guys missing you, so make sure your diet is healthy, your workout is daily, and do not forget to always wear amazing dresses. Change your hairstyle often as well because when you look beautiful, he has no choice but to want you.

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