Ask Bae These 3 Intimate Questions To Strengthen Your Bond

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Communication is key in any relationship.

Your partner should be your best friend.

Always feel free to ask your partner questions that can bring him or her closer you.

The everyday conversations will change your life for good.

 1. How long do you see us staying together?

Your man will no doubt smile when you ask him about the future of the relationship.

He will gladly respond if he is deeply in love with you.

His response will determine whether things will work or not at the end of the day.

2. Do you value children?

 If you are planning to settle down with him, you need to know whether your man treasures children.

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A family is only complete with children.

Ask him about his plans to have children before anything else.

Find out the number of children he wants to have in future.

The answer will help you determine whether you are headed in the right direction or not.

If he is not okay with the idea of having children, then think twice about the affair.

3. What attracted you to me?

You need to find out what made your partner attracted to you.

Did he fall in love with you because of your humongous hips, looks or sense of fashion?

You need to maintain the same so that you do not lose his love in the long run.

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