5 Things That A Man Fears Most In A Relationship

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In relationships, both men and women have their fears. Men have always been believed to be strong people who have always countered and faced their fears. However, this is not true as there are many things men have always kept secret in their life. They fear how these things will impact on their relationship. Here are five things that men have fear in and don’t talk about:

1. Money

Every person worries about money. Money can do wonders among people, and in relationships. Men have always been made to believe they should be the breadwinners of the family. They will always be thinking of money so that they provide and maintain their families and women.

2. How their bodies look

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Who said men don’t care how their bodies look? Well, men too are concerned about how their bodies look. Every man wants to have a well-toned body. This is why men visit gyms or do exercises to keep fit and be in good shape. As much as a man will be worried about his body, he will never reveal this to you.

3. Height

Trust me, no man wants to date a taller woman than he is. If at all a man dates a taller woman, then that’s more than true love. Men always want to date women shorter than them or of the same height. A man with a taller woman will always fear walking with her around.

4. Sees other men as a threat

Men can be jealous too. Their fear is internal and they can be equally as fierce as women are. Men see other men in their partner’s life as potential threats. A man will always feel bad when you associate with other men whether they are your colleagues, friends or just schoolmates.

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5. Rejection

Everybody fears rejection. Men have always feared being rejected in relationships and other areas of life. Being turned down would mean someone else is better than you do in that same field. This kills a man’s ego and morale in life, and no man ever wants this to happen to them.

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