Desmond Elliott Denies There’s A Bill At The Lagos House Of Assembly To Regulate And Control Free Speech On Social Media Following A Tweet On Twitter

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Desmond Elliott denies there

Desmond Elliot has countered popular social media commentator, Dr Olufunmilayo’s claim of a bill to stiffle free speech on social media being presented before the Lagos state assembly.

Dr Olufunmilayo had claimed that the lawmaker representing Surulere constituency at the State House of Assembly was one of those behind the bill to regulate and control free speech on social media.

Desmond Elliott denies there

Demond Elliot who reacted to the allegation, stated that there’s no such bill before the Lagos state assembly. He described the allegation as unfounded and further asked the social media commentator to always verify as no state house of assembly has the power to deliberate on such.

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