Osinbajo Finally Declares Position On CAMA Law

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The Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has urged those who have concerns about the recently-signed Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2020 to approach the National Assembly.

He said such persons can get possible amendments, since “We are in a democracy.”

Prof. Osinbajo spoke at the ongoing Nigeria Bar Association Annual General Conference during a Special Conversation.

He said “we have a process by which this can be redressed. Whatever the proposal for amendment may be, whatever the view of the leadership of the church may be, regarding the question of how the trustees, whether they are interim trustees or not, can be put into a proposal that will be brought to the National Assembly for consideration for an amendment to the law, that is the process which is entirely opened and ought to be pursued.

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“We are in a democracy and there is a process by which things can be done and that process is the one where you bring forward amendments to the National Assembly and they will do whatever is considered useful in the circumstance.”

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15 thoughts on “Osinbajo Finally Declares Position On CAMA Law

  1. We, the Christ body needs to be wise to satanic strategy.this country belong to God and no man can fight God with any tricks and live. Let us keep praying for our God is a consuming fire.

  2. We don’t need to to be fighting each other. It is as simple as the Vice President stated it. We are in democracy. Let’s approach the issue democratically. God bless Nigeria.

  3. Good morning Nigeria’s, I am wandering the can of leadership in our country; I start from our president Senate house of assembly ministers army’s police’s customs immigration, your thinking that your more brilliant than Nigerian people’s in this country? All propaganda green snake under the green grass, GOD noon, all no it, that is why, HE say in HIS HOLy BOOK, no any wicked screct would be hide for HIM, all the wicked leaders screct must be exposed before GOD IN JESUS Christ name amen amen amen, Glorybe to GOD, thanks for taking your time to read, GOD would bless you,

  4. Let our General Overseers (G Os) come out clear and clean on CAMA. To tie it to Islamization if the Country is totally out of place. There are as many Christians and Muslims in Nigeria. Unless they’ve something the public shouldn’t know. Prof OSINBAJO is on point. Members of the National Assembly that deliberated on the law belong to both religions. Let’s call for amendment instead of rooting for religious war. Yorubas where most of them belong will not be part of such war as all families have a mix of both religions.

  5. I can’t just blame God for sending me to this satanic country (call Nigeria). Foolish old men’s pls go and rest. Let we youth of Nigeria lead

  6. You know say you want proposals na I’m una no toll am before una sign DAT tin into law? Any tree wet God no plant will be uprooted

  7. By the sovereignty of God over everything, I pray that may God intervene on this matters and help we Christian because devil is a liar

  8. The federal Government is looking to establish accountability in the church when they themselves are not accountable. Can they account for all the stolen Corona relief funds that was donated by several Individuals and organizations? THIEVES EVERYWHERE!!

  9. God is watching. I pray they repent on time. Mali’s case will be a child play when God start to visit them.

  10. There are so many security and socio economic RED LIGHTS bedeviling Nigeria, but some persons choose the path of Religion just in order to keep nigerians in perpetual disarray, all to sustain their nefarious enterprise. We must pursue Peace as winked by the VP. The CHURCH at Antioch were called CHRIST…IANS, the body of CHRIST, thesame CHRIST whom they choose to contend with, will they surely meet.

  11. Too pathetic, to think that some christians were present when the law was being deliberated on. No wonder, Jesus said he will say to some christians DEPART FROM ME FOR I KNOW YOU NOT! Follow follow, yes sir, yes ma church goers.

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