Five Things You Shouldn’t Do To Prove You Love Someone

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Five Things You Shouldn’t Do To Prove You Love Someone

Actions speak louder than words and this applies to love too. 

Saying that you love someone isn’t enough, your actions have to match your words if you really want your man to believe you. 

Of course, there are a few things that have nothing to do with how much you care about a man. 

That’s why you shouldn’t have to do these ridiculous things to prove your love to him: 

1. Never sleep with a man to prove you love him. Love has nothing to do with sex. If your man insists on sleeping with you, then his main aim is sex. Love involves many other things other than sex. Sex should come naturally in a relationship and should not be used as proof of your love for him. 

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2. Never send a man your nudes photos as a proof of love.This indicates what he takes you for. You are his woman and not a sex toy. If he is insisting on you sending him nude photos then he has negative perspective towards you. He doesn’t respect you as his woman. 

3.Post couple photos on social media. Your love is between the two of you and not you and the public. If he insists you post photos of the two of you on social media then he is only bragging about you which is not the aim of love. 

4. Never pierce your body or get a tattoo of him on your body. In doing so he, he’ll become like an idol to you. Love should not complicate your life. Do not let love brainwash you. 

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5. Never let him control you. He doesn’t get free reign to do whatever he pleases, just because you love him. Sometimes, you’re going to have to compromise and sometimes you’re going to be the one winning the entire argument and he’ll just have to deal with it.

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