Madagascar Herbal Fails To Halt Covid-19 Spike In The Country As Hospitals Struggle To Cope With Cases

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Madagascar herbal fails to halt Covid-19 spike in the country as hospitals struggle to cope with cases

Madagascar’s herbal drug ‘COVID Organics (COV),’ which the country’s leaders said cures and prevent coronavirus has reportedly failed to halt Covid-19 spike with hospitals are now struggling to cope with a surge of Coronavirus cases.

According to BBC, cases have quadrupled in the past month in the Indian Ocean island, with more than 13,000 infections and 162 deaths from Coronavirus.

Despite the spike, President Andry Rajoelina is still promoting the concoction as a cure for Covid-19 despite the World Health Organization (WHO) warning against using untested remedies.

For the last four months, children are also being offered the ‘COVID Organics (COV)’ at school to boost their health.

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