How Good Looks Are Working “Against” You In Relationships

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It is good to look beautiful or handsome; you get a lot of attention and favours because our society praises beauty. 

However, this is not always the case especially in relationships because of the following: 

1. People think beauty is “evil” 

If you have been very keen you will notice that most men date extremely beautiful girls but when they decide to settle down, they go and look for an average looking woman. This is because many people think that beautiful girls are intimidating and have some practices that are not normal, they will do anything in order to protect their ego. 

2. They are not talented 

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Imagine you are dating someone but they see you as “good for nothing” since you are just interested in how good you look. 

Psych Blog Magazine says that many people consider beauty as “beastly” and that they associate this character with female nurses who are thought to be “inhumane”. 

3. People can commit their time to bring you down 

Some people will be jealous of your good looks. They might think that your good looks are denying them a chance to get the benefits you are enjoying. 

If you are dating, they will make sure that you lose your partner so that they can also have him or they just want to see you suffer because they do not like you, the reason being you look super beautiful. 

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4. Underestimation 

People perceive good looks as luck, they think that you do not have something substantial to yourself and that everything you have is courtesy of your good looks. 

Even at the place of work, they will not believe that the manager relied on your other qualities to give you a well-deserved promotion. They will think its just looks.

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