5 Ways To Avoid Money Fights In The Relationship

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Money, as the Holy Bible says, is the root of all evil. Money can make or break your relationship or marriage. There are advantages and bad side of joining financial forces in a relationship. This topic is even sensitive for couples to talk about for fear of ruining their career or the relationship.

Here are some tips on how to avoid fighting over money with the one you love. Follow these and you just might save your relationship or marriage.

Have the ‘money talk’

The first step in ensuring that money does not break your relationship is talking about money. When you sit and talk about money, this will ensure that you are on the same page, and it shows courage to face the fear of money problems. Discuss everything that will involve money with your partner every now and then.

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Recognize your differences

Both you and your partner were brought up differently but you are now together. Same goes for money, you two have a different culture when it comes to money spending and saving, recognize that. Then understand your partner’s financial behavior so as to be on the same side.

A financial advisor

Hire one. A third party that is neutral to money talk is an added advantage to a successful relationship. A financial advisor also comes in handy in diffusing the uncomfortable and tense conversations that might come up regarding money.


A budget is like a window to your relationship, it portrays honesty in financial matters. A budget will enable a couple to examine their expenditure and decide to make a beneficial decision together.

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Do not share every penny

Having a joint bank account is good for the relationship to strive but, always have some cash with you. Anything can happen, this is life, and you need money to survive, go out and have fun, relaxing or even traveling. 

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