Three Types Of People You Should Never Date

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Arguements are part of any relationship since people are different.

Everyone will always want to have a happy and healthy relationship and marriage. However, maintaining a happy relationship has never been a ride in the park and several relationships have led to tragic endings.

Cases of lovers killing themselves and dramatic breakups seem to be rising every day. People stay in dangerous relationships longer not knowing what will befall them yet ‘everything’ can be clear and one can save his or her time and even life.

Here are three types of people you should never date if you want a happy relationship.

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1. Secretive partners 

These are partners who will never tell you anything about themselves, what they do for a living and even their childhood and background.These kinds of people will never allow you touch their mobile phones and will not receive a phone call when you are around.They will never be open to you.

2. Rude partners 

These partners will never have respect for anyone.They will not even recognize your parents and family and your efforts to warn him or her will obviously not work.You will visit restaurants with them and how they will interact with waiters will always be harsh.

3. Hot-tempered partners 

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This kind of partners cannot control their emotions and are quick to anger.When an argument arises, they can get into a violent range and can easily take a weapon and harm you.They can even destroy everything around them.

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