3 Stages Of Love You Should Know

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Relationships go through stages, and to succeed you need different skills in each stage.

Love is just like a journey. This means that it has the starting point, and finally a destination. The starting point of love is attraction and the destination of love is an intimate relationship. Relationships go through stages, and to succeed you need different skills at each stage. Here are the stages of love you should know and how best you should venture in them:

1. Becoming attracted to someone; This is mostly a subconscious process, which unfortunately tends to lead you towards people who feel familiar, rather than those who’ll make you happy. You meet someone of the opposite sex, then you perceive that they are familiar and you admire their physical appearance. This builds the urge in you and you feel connected to them internally. You end up falling in love with them.

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2. You draw closer to your new partner. You’ve never felt so alive, think about them all the time and experience an intense sexual attraction. The saying ‘love is blind’ comes from this stage. You don’t notice your partner’s faults and only see their good side. Blame your hormones – and remember those amazing feelings later on whenever things get tough!

3. You start defining yourselves as a couple, making plans together and introducing one another as boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s now that you must build a solid foundation of trust. Fail, and you’ll never truly be happy together. And your relationship will eventually fall apart.So start being 100 percent open and honest with each other as soon as you feel comfortable together. Share whatever you’re thinking and doing, DON’T EVER LIE and build a deep intimacy with lots of kissing and cuddling. Then you’ll always be able to cope, whatever issues arise down the line.

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