Why People Go Into Yahoo Yahoo – Bella Shmurda Reveals

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Singer Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed aka Bella Shmurda has explained why some people engage in internet fraud aka Yahoo Yahoo.

Fondly called ‘Fine boi Bella,’ the singer in a chat with ‘Onejoblessboy’ on ‘echooRoom’ podcast argued the messed up clime forces many to engage in internet fraud.

He admitted some people who engage in yahoo yahoo are neither happy nor proud but money must be made somehow.
When asked if he ever engage in internet fraud, Bella neither affirmed nor refuted while he proceeded to state more reasons people embrace the illegitimate way of making money.

“This part of the world where we find ourselves is messed up. For you to make it, you have to do some things that even some people won’t caution you because they know how e dey go, you understand?

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“And it’s so painful that you just have to get money somehow. It’s not everybody’s wish. Even people that got money through that means, some of them are not happy with it, for real.

“So, it’s so painful. It’s not something to be proud of but you just have to make it. Things are going funny.

Speaking further, he noted kids will certainly question their parents over their refusal to stay away from the act when others were making money through it but chose to rather see them suffer.

He added: “You can’t have kids and be telling your kids that, “When people dey get money this way, you, you no do am” what kind of explanation is that?

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“Yes, we are growing up, we have kids. And to some certain level, if they see that things are somehow, they ask you say, “Papa, when people dey make money, where you dey?”

“You can’t say because you don’t want to do this one. That’s a lame excuse, mehn!”

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