Signs To Lookout For When You Suspect Your Partner Is Cheating

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There are a number of classic cheating signs that are unmistakable and knowing them can help you determine whether your relationship is worth the stress or not.

They Won’t Let You Near Their Phone
If your partner never had a password on their phone previously and all of a sudden that changed, your partner could be cheating on you. If your partner doesn’t let you in on their password, that’s a red flag.

Passwords should be shared in a marriage; there are random times when you need the phone number for the electrician and it’s in your spouse’s phone or email account. This should not be a big deal. By not telling you the code, your spouse may be admitting to a secret of some sort.

Your Marriage Has Turned Sexless
Not wanting to have sex anymore or a lot less than usual can mean many things, including that he or she might be cheating. However, it could also be because they are focused on an upsetting job situation, financial stress, or a family health issue, but whatever the reason, you must bring it up soon, with warmth and tact.

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Let them know that you noticed a difference and try to rekindle with daily hugs, warm smiles, a touch on the back and, of course, pursue sex.

Your Partner Suddenly Becomes A Gift Giver
A random gift completely unrelated to a birthday, anniversary, or work promotion—could be a clue that your partner is feeling guilty about something and trying to compensate. Have a direct conversation, and let them know that while you consider their gift thoughtful, you are wondering if something led them to start doing this.

Watch out for their reaction and lookout for clues like if they cancel plans and those long-stem roses are some sort of consolation prize. It could signal you’ve got a cheating spouse on your hands.

They Have A Special Facebook Friend
There are ways that Social media friends don’t message each other. They congratulate each other on the birth of a new baby or a cool vacation photo. When the conversation gets racy, there’s a problem.

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A lot of cheaters nowadays get caught via text or on social media. When partners snoop on one another, or accidentally find something, it’s often what they suspected. There could be incriminating photos, texts, or a call history that would prove to be evidence of an affair.

There Are Unaccounted Time
When there are periods that you can’t reach your partner, and you don’t get a viable explanation about where they’ve been or why they didn’t respond to a call or text, something could be off. It takes two seconds to send a text and it’s not normal for a married or seriously committed couple to be out of touch for hours wondering what the heck is going on.

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