3 Reasons Why You Should Not Stay Single For Too Long

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Sometimes being single is fun and I feel it is the sweetest feeling because you have nothing or no one to bother you. But from my deep thinking, being single for too long isn’t a good idea as one is bound to miss a lot when the time actually waits for nobody. Here are 3 reasons why saying single for too long is wasting you;

1. You will miss on the experiences you need from being in relationships

There are crucial experiences everybody needs to acquire from relationships in preparation for marriage if one is hoping to. Being in a relationship equips you with the experiences and helps you know what a relationship needs and what it doesn’t need.

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If you have been single for quite some time now (maybe years) I urge to find a heart that matches you and be in love. It helps.

2. You will start feeling desperate

There come times when I feel so desperate and worn out just because I got no one to give me company, I’m ever alone and start drowning in solitude. I start feeling like you really need someone to behave so silly.

Being single for too long will surely make you feel desperate and the worst part of it is when people around you come to realize that you are actually desperate.

3. You won’t know what you need out of a relationship

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Out of every relationship I’ve been in, I found characters that I like and those that I hate. This explains why you need not be single for too long as time will pass when you haven’t decided what you want out of a partner and you will rush into marriage not knowing whether the characters your partner portrays best fit you or not.

I urge you to dump the single life and embrace a relationship, that is, if you have been single for too long and time is passing you.

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