3 Ways Being Too Nice May Be Affecting Your Relationship

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Pleasing other people is one of the worst mistakes you can make in a relationship. 

Being too nice is not a good idea at times. 

There are certain times when you have to stop being too nice to the man or woman in your life. 

How you relate with others will determine whether the relationship will last or not. 

1. Calling your partner all the time 

It is boring when your partner keeps checking on you all the time. You need to miss each other. Your partner is likely to be tempted to think you are desperate. Call your partner only when it is necessary. 

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2. Pleasing other people at the expense of your partner 

Pleasing other people is one of the worst mistakes you can make in a relationship. Remember you are denying your partner a chance to benefit from the relationship if you keep pleasing others. Make it clear that you are not in this world to please other persons. 

3. Accepting everything your partner tells you 

Learn to say no at times. Your partner is likely to feel unwanted if you accept everything you are told. It is healthy to differ with your partner over several issues in the relationship to make it grow even stronger. Understand that you have to be real all the time to make the relationship work better in the long run.

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