‘Don’t Marry Someone You’re In Love With’

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Reno Omokri

The usual advice to unmarried persons finding whom to settle down with is to ‘marry whom you love’. Young people are told that to find a happy home, they must marry someone they are in love with.

However Reno Omokri, a former presidential aide, has countered this advice with a new tweet on social media. According to Omokri, no one should marry a person they are in love with but marry a person they are in ‘sync’ with.

His reason is that being in ‘sync with someone gives relationships a strength that can’t be defeated.

He wrote: “Don’t marry someone you are IN LOVE with. Marry a person you are IN SYNC with. That sentimental  erotic feeling which many call love is not sufficient to sustain a relationship.

“But when you sync with someone, it creates an invisible strength that can’t be defeated.”

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