3 Body Language Indicators That Your Relationship Is In Trouble

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A relationship that is at the verge of breaking results from having irreconcilable differences between the partners, poor communication and dishonesty among other causes. 

It is important to keep watch of the body language exhibited between you and yo partner as this can raise some red flags for your relationship. These body language signs are; 

1. Leaning away from each other 

Once you notice that your partner is leaning away from you when seated next to each other or in other times he/she opts to sit across to you, is a sign things are up to no good. Emotionally connected partners sit besides each other and tend to tilt their heads towards each other. 

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2. Furrowed eyebrows 

Furrowed eyebrows implies negative criticism and unwillingness to agree on something. The moment you notice that your partner shows up for a conversation with furrows on his/her forehead which extend to the eyebrows, it is a sign they are not ready to solve a certain problem but only trying to be defensive. 

3. Lack of eye contact 

Maintaining a good eye contact with your partner shows emotional openness, trust and love. However, if your partner previously maintained eye contact and has of late been avoiding to look you into the eyes, it is important to talk with them otherwise your relationship might be heading south.

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