3 Things To Learn From How Ladies Glance At You

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Have you ever met a nice lady on the streets and she totally ignores to look at you? Or, have you ever noticed a very good looking girl stare at you so intense? 

On many occasions, you get confused about what to do. It’s until they disappear from your vicinity when you feel like rushing back and talk to them. 

The following are the three levels of eye contact a lady might maintain and what it really means: 

1. Glance unconscious 

This is where a lady looks at you and gets her eyes off you immediately. 

This type of glance is unconscious and occurs when she’s just wandering and meets your eyes by accident. 

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Honestly, there’s nothing impressive in such glances. 

2. Glance conscious 

This is where a lady looks at you but withdraws her eyes when you look at her. 

Here, they will look away in style, either because they are intimidated or not interested. 

When she looks down, science reveals that she finds you intimidating which actually means, she is interested in you. 

However, looking away sideways indicates that she is not into you. 

3. Glance and Half 

A lady will look at you but withdraws her eyes as in glance conscious. 

However, the glance lasts like three-quarters of a second compared to half a second in glance conscious. 

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Human beings naturally stare at things they find interesting uncontrollably. 

This means that you are letting her go by not doing something.

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