5 Lies You’re Allowed To Tell In Your Relationship

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Being truthful in all things is an essential part of every successful relationship. While this is correct, there are times when telling a few white lies can help smoothen things out between you and your partner.

Now when we say lies, we don’t mean cheating on your partner and covering it up – because it’s already bad enough that you betrayed their trust, so no need adding salt to wound by lying about it. But there are other less serious situations where telling a little lie is okay.
5 lies you can tell in your relationship

1. “You have the best/most beautiful [insert physical feature] ever.”
If your partner feels self-conscious about a physical feature or particular body part and turns to you for affirmation, the worst thing you could ever do is to start comparing and contrasting with other people you’ve been with in the past. It doesn’t matter where you believe your partner actually ranks, it’s 100% okay for you to verbally award him the number one spot on your list. He may not believe you, but he’ll definitely feel good all the same.

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2. “OMG, this is so delicious!”
When your your man cooks you a meal and it’s anything but tasty, you don’t have to tell him outright that the food was awful. In fact, that would be extremely unkind. Just bite your tongue and offer your sweetheart a lovely compliment.

3. “Yes, I’m fine.”
Sometimes, there are some feelings that you have which you do not immediately understand, even though they’re coming from inside of you. Therefore, there’s really no need to feel pressure to try and explain every single emotion you have at the exact moment you have it when you have yet to fully understand it yourself.

4. “You look so amazing!”
When you and your man are getting ready to go out and he shows up in the same outfit he usually wears and asks you how he looks, don’t nag or roll your eyes. He’s only asking for your opinion because he cares what you think. Instead of using this as an opportunity to tear him down, let him know how much you love and admire him by re-affirming what a handsome man you think he is.

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5. “I love you more than dodo.”
Obviously you love dodo (fried plantain) more than anything, and no one is blaming you for that, but he doesn’t need to hear you say it! Of course, deep down, your guy knows there’s all sorts of stuff that matters deeply to you, and your willingness to say he tops the entire list is a gesture he’ll appreciate no matter what the truth really is.
Have you ever told any harmless lies in your relationship? Share it in the comment box.

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