4 Romantic Gestures All Women Wish Men Knew

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The biggest challenge with romantic relationships is communication. A romantic man knows how to talk with his woman and understands how to make his woman fall for him easily. Here are four romantic things women wish all men knew:

1. Remember Special Dates
A woman wants her man to remember days that are special to her. Wedding anniversaries, birthday and other major milestones should be always be marked on the calendar and celebrated. Remembering these dates is a sign that you care enough to remember what matters most to her; even if she may not remember the dates herself.

2. Candlelight Dinners Cover A Multitude Of Sins
There is nothing quite as a special as a candlelit dinner. It makes a woman feel loved and special. The effort taken to create a special experience for the two of you never goes unnoticed. Do not hesitate to go the extra mile. Yes, you might look mushy and it may show your vulnerabilities. However, being open and putting in that extra effort will surely be reciprocated.

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3. Choose Your Words Wisely
A romantic man knows exactly how to phrase his sentences. A few good words can melt a woman’s heart and will leave her with no option but to smile. Women love men who can not only keep things new and exciting in a relationship but a man who can also sustain her happiness.

Most women love men who can showcase themselves on the dance floor. Your ability to move, be young and carefree will always be attractive to women. So gents, if you have two left feet get yourself some dance lessons.

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