Relationship: If You Notice These 3 Signs, She’s Only After Your Money

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It is normal to date a woman only to realize all she wanted is your money. Some of these women never care about their partners’ feelings. She is likely to walk away from your life before you realize she is not the one.

Men must examine women they want to date carefully before they make any decisions.

1. She’s only happy when there is money

A relationship where happiness depends on money never lasts. If your partner is only happy when you have good amounts of money then you are doomed. You need someone who brings happiness into your life all the time. She should understand when things are not working well for you.

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 2. She spends like there’s no tomorrow

The way she spends money says a lot about her. A good woman will spend your money sparingly. She should know that tomorrow is also important. She should ensure that something is left for another day. A spendthrift will only cause you heartache and pain.

3. She never talks about investing

A right partner will encourage you to save. A  woman who never talks about investment is not your type. Such women are only interested in your money. There are high chances she will dump you for another man. A woman who doesn’t support your investment plans is not right for you.

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