4 Silent Killers Of Strong Relationships

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There are perceptions that relationship destroyers are mammoth factors that arise along the way but this is not always the case.

Sometimes, there are little issues which leade to separation.  In any relationship, each partner comes with their unique beliefs and expectations; it’s the couple’s job to ensure that they thrive in the long run and are able to solve any differences that arise.

These are the implicit relationship killers:

1. Illogical expectations

Some unrealistic expectations are capable of turning a healthy relationship in the opposite direction. They bring frustrations to you and your partner and end up dipping you into emotional and physical troubles. They shut down relationship goals.

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2. Betrayal

This is a toxin that comes out in different forms: unmet promises, infidelity, intentional stinginess among other things. Once a partner feels deceived, they will experience bitterness, frustrations and stressful conditions that ruin long-term relationships.

3. Detrimental perceptions

This diverts one’s mind to only see their partner’s wrongdoings and weaknesses. Blame games directed to the partner start arising. These beliefs disregard the factual reality of things about their partners.

4. Hiding your true feelings

Any relationship requires honest communication to thrive. Hiding your true feelings is very traumatic and suppressive to your emotions. This leads to marital dissatisfaction hence attachment to your partner becomes a problem.

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