Signs He Is Playing Games With You

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Your man could just be playing around with your feelings in your relationship. This man will act mostly as if he is not there or interested in the relationship.

This will make you feel disconnected or just disappointed with him.  The signs he is playing games are:

1. Always changes the point of discussion

If your man is in the habit of changing every topic you put on the table, he is probably ignoring you or running away from the truth that can unwind from the discussion.  A man who is serious will be attentive on what his partner has to say and work out on the rising issues amicably.

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2. He often messes with your feelings

This man will keep on hurting your feelings. He may tell you he will dump you or he will bring another woman on a certain day into your house. He definitely wants you to know is he capable of moving on to another relationship.  A committed man will never indulge in an act that would hurt you whatsoever.

3. He never honours his promises

He will promise you to do something and at the end fail. He will come with an excuse where this happened. He will do this twice or thrice because he is sure you will tolerate it just because you truly love him. A serious man will fulfil what he has promised his partner.

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