Social Media Habits That Could Mean Your Partner Is Cheating

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Social media has undoubtedly made cheating a lot more easier. It has added fuel to unfaithfulness. 

Therefore, your partner’s online habits can give you a clue on whether he or she is having an affair or if he/she is starting to go astray. 

If you’re clueless, pay attention to the following signs: 

1. Removing or ignoring your tags and comments 

Let us say you’ve posted a photo, tagged your better half, then they don’t respond, don’t acknowledge it or worse delete the tag so it won’t show up on their timeline. Isn’t it suspicious? 

Well, if they’re constantly trying to un-tag themselves from posts and basically ignoring you, it might mean they’re trying to appear single. 

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2. Frequently talking with their ex 

It is normal for exes to be friends on social media. 

However, be very worried when your partner and their ex are constantly commenting on each other’s post, mentioning each other on memes, liking each other’s single photo and leaving flirtatious comments. 

Chances are they’re not over them. If this happens, it might be time to set relationship boundaries. 

3. No longer posts photos of you 

If your partner has regularly been posting photos of either you as a couple or just you, then they suddenly stop, this could be a sign that something is up. 

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Keeping things suddenly private without your knowledge maybe intentional. Trying to craft an online life that’s completely different from what’s happening in reality; maybe so that they can talk to other people freely without being asked too much questions. 

In such a situation, ask your partner why they opted to keep things private. If they give a legit reason, there’s no need to panic, but if they can’t give a reason, then maybe something is up.

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