Ways To Apologies Without Saying “I Am Sorry”

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In one way or the other, everyone upsets the people around him or her. 

When this happens, the most common way of seeking forgiveness for the wrong done is by apologizing. 

People tend to use the term “I am sorry” when apologizing in most cases. 

However, this term is somehow for some to pronounce. In that case, there are also other ways in which one can say sorry without actually saying “I am sorry.” Here are some of those ways. 

1. Do them a favor 

One can do a favor to the person that they wronged and that would earn them forgiveness from them. 

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2. Take them out to dinner 

Since you caused them pain by wronging them, you can replace that pain with happiness by taking them to dinner. 

3. Write a letter 

If saying sorry to them on a face to face is hard, you can write them an apology letter. 

4. Compose a poem 

You can show that you are sorry to the people that you wronged by composing them a poem. This mostly works with women. 

5. Do their chores 

If they had been located some chores, you can surprise them by doing their chores for them. Seeing you do that will make them forgive you.

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