Four Things That Kills Love Faster

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Love is seen as a mutual thing, where both parties involved feel the same way about each other. There are lots of relationships where one of the partner starts having this weird feeling that the other is gradually losing interest or falling out of love. 

This simply means that the love is dying out gradually, and if care is not taken the person might unconsciously break up with the other partner without him/her knowing. There are majorly four things that can kill love in a relationship. 

1 Distance and Lack of communication 

They go hand in hand. Hardly would you see any relationship that is going through lack of communication without distance being the underlining factor causing it. When lovers go far away from each other, they tend to get busy with other people and things they meet in the new place they go. Sometime both partners get so busy that they only talk to each other minimally. Sometimes it also happens that one is busier than the other, and the less busy partner starts to feel the other doesn’t care anymore. 

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2 Lack of Trust 

When one partner starts doubting the other partner there is a problem. It could sometimes be as a result of what one of them heard about the other, or as a result of what they saw. You start noticing that the outings aren’t fun anymore, the meet ups tend to be more silent than they used to be, and gradually the love starts to have less meaning. 

3 Selfishness 

This is one of the biggest threats to love in a relationship, selfishness can be in several forms. When one partner feels her, or she is busier and cannot make time for the other partner, the loves starts to die gradually. Some partners tend to put effort into the relationship only when they feel chanced and without stress. As a result of your lack of commitment the other partner confides in someone else who seems to have more time for them, and might end up falling in love with the person. 

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4 Extreme Selflessness in a Relationship 

This might look strange, but it sure kills love gradually. It is very good to be selfless when you are in a relationship because it actually shows that you are really in love with the other person, but when it gets to the extreme the results can be very bad. Too much selflessness in a relationship might start looking like an obsession which scares people most times. You start thinking of the other person excessively, you want to satisfy all their wants, you want to be where they are all the time. This makes you look like you don’t have charge over your own life, and no one wants to be with someone who doesn’t take charge over the activities in his/her life.

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