Things That Look Like Real Love But They Are Not

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Have you ever been in a manipulating relationship? 

For the first time while dating you may not see if your partner is manipulating you. He/she may be doing some things and you think it is love but in the real sense, it is not. 

Here are some of the things that really look like love but they are not; 

Checking on you regularly 

Checking on your loved one during the day when she/he is at work is not bad because you can miss each other. Though it becomes too much when you check on them and shortly you ask how they are. This can be manipulating and boring for your partner. 

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Making suggestions for you 

When you are an adult, you are able to make decisions and suggest anything for yourself. If your loved one makes almost every suggestions for you, believe me, it is not love. You are both supposed to make suggestions and discuss it and make a conclusion together. 

Making unnecessary jokes 

Most of you like it when your loved one makes jokes with you and you laugh together. But there are some serious jokes that one can make that can hurt. 

Nobody can love you as they do 

Who told you that you can not be loved by any other person apart for him/her? Of course, somebody can really love you, but to some extent, It is a lie if your partner tells you that nobody loves you as he/she does. If your partner says this to you, take care it could be manipulation.

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