How To Avoid Unnecessary Break Ups In A Relationship

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It feels so bad when a good relationship suddenly comes to an end without any reason for it, however, as am opportune to say some things that will help ladies and gentlemen when it comes to love.


Guys if you love a girl and you are sure you love her ,prove it via;

1.Never push her too hard to do things, she doesn’t want to do.

2.Always try to listen carefully to her,and understand her.

3.Try and take very good care of her,in every possible way.

4.Defend her always, in the presence of family and friends.

5.Try to help her in every way you can.

6.Always worry about how she feels about things she can’t control, try to know her goals and also the way she lives her life.

7. Text or call her, it goes a long way to remind her, that you are thinking about her.

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8.compliment her, tell her how beautiful she is and how greatly she makes you feel.

9. If you love a girl, accept her the way she is, don’t try to change her, you would love her for who she is today, not what she will be tomorrow.

10. Give her some space to develop herself as a person.


You ladies have a great part to play in a man’s life.

1. Respect him,guys love girls who respect them, you don’t try to bruise his ego by being disrespectful.

2. Never shout at him or talk back at him whenever he is talking.

3.if he is angry, don’t be in a hurry to find out what his problem is,give it time, especially if he is short tempered.

4. Get close to his family members, when he sees you are in good terms with his family, his love wax strong.

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5. Don’t nag at him, no guy need a nagging girlfriend.

6. When you find out a bad behaviour or lifestyle that he possess,don’t try to change, simply advice and give him some reasons to change or stop.

7. Be faithful, if truly you love your guy so much, I see no reason why your eyes should be on other guys.

8. Be independent, don’t just sit around and wait for him to do all things for you,help him and contribute positively to his life.

9. Be neat and presentable, don’t give awkward dressing a chance, also control how you talk or say in and outside.

10. Don’t fight a guy, in the cause of misunderstanding or arguments .

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