Group Condemns, Told Churches Not To Comply With Buhari’s CAMA, ‘Anti-Christ’ Law

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The Christian Rights Agenda, CRA, has described the newly-enacted Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) as an anti-Christ law from the pit of hell.

The CRA, in a statement to newsmen on Sunday, said the obnoxious provisions of the Act are satanic verses passed by the 9th National Assembly to fight the church, Christians and Christianity in Nigeria.

It noted that Nigeria is a secular state which does and should not in anyway be seen to be controlling the church without a corresponding policy against Islamic activities across the country under the Buhari administration.

“How can religious organisations be made to account to an agency of government?” The group wondered.

“How can an agency of government like the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC, dissolve and appoint board of elders and General Overseers for the church?

“How can a government agency regulate and control the church?
Every church has it’s own unique way of governing itself as ordained by the Almighty God.

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“The clauses in the new CAMA is nothing but a plot to break the church and halt the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Nigeria.”

Recall that the CRA had raised the alarm recently on the lopsided composition of the leadership of the National Assembly with the two chambers in firm control of Muslims as President of the Senate, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Deputy Speaker of the House, majority leaders of the both Senate House of Representatives and other principal officers and key committee chairmen.

Under the above circumstances, the CRA said it was not surprised that such a satanic legislation was passed.

“We call on the Christian Association of Nigeria to appoint liaison officers for both Senate and House of Representatives who will keep an eye on every Bill and Resolutions being considered by the National Assembly in order to alert the Christendom.

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“In the interim, we call on all churches not to comply with the satanic law as doing so will amount to surrendering the body of Christ to Satan and his agents.

“For it was Thomas Jefferson who said: ‘If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.’

“We also urged the National Assembly to as a matter of national emergency amend the law to remove the satanic clauses in the interest of peace, unity and prosperity of Nigeria.”

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One thought on “Group Condemns, Told Churches Not To Comply With Buhari’s CAMA, ‘Anti-Christ’ Law

  1. With the anti-Christ provisions in CAMA, Federal Government is fuelling and fanning the ember of disunity, division and total break down of law of order. Mr president, please , uphold the secularity of the constitution you sworn to and expunge the obnoxious part of CAMA. We will appreciate!

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