Tips On How To Avoid Getting “Addicted” To Someone

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Getting hold of your emotions can help you not get addicted to someone. 

It is surprising that at times you get to like someone until you get to a point where you feel you cannot do without them. 

This can be awkward because getting too attached to someone can pull you behind in many ways than you can imagine. It can also ruin your relationship with others and at times your marriage. 

However, you can still get attached to someone, enjoy the relationship without the “addiction” aspect. Here is how to do that: 

Appreciate independence 

I have been reading a variety of blogs and one common thing that has been coming up is independence. When you get to a relationship with someone, being independent and learning to do your own activities without relying on another person can reduce the chances of you getting addicted to them. 

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Set your priorities right 

It is always said that failure to have a plan, you will end up in another person’s plan. Do not be in such a situation; know what comes first in your life. 

Personally, I think that when one knows what they are looking for, they will give it priority over emotions. 


It is always important to learn to control what your feelings and have limits. This cushions you from eventualities which, at times, leaves you devastated.

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