5 Things Single Ladies Want Men To Know

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Both men and women have their expectations on what they are looking for in their significant other. 

According to social research sources, here some of the things single ladies want men to know; 

1. Be confident 

Women find confidence sexy. Men should understand the difference between confidence and arrogance. Being confident means believing in yourself and your capabilities when approaching not only her but other things too. 

2. Be brave 

Apart from having some confidence while approaching them, you need to be brave as well. If you feel you are interested in them, say something because they need to hear it. Do not beat around the bush. 

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3. They are jealous too 

If you choose to talk to her, keep it her alone. Flirt with her, go out with her, spoil her but do not get involved with other women too especially when things start getting serious between the two of you. 

4. They are independent 

She won’t rely on you once you start dating. She lives her own life while she is single. What makes you think she will begin depending on you once she gives in to you? 

5. Sometimes they just want to be friends 

Being single doesn’t mean they long for a relationship or ready to be involved with you. Therefore do not think otherwise when she acts too close to you.

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