The Processing And Storage Device Features Of A Computer

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The computer device, this is the part of the computer that carries out the processing information.

Firstly, the functions of the parts of the computer could be likened how the human body function.

It’s the brain of the computer system.

Secondly, the processing device which is also called the processor is that part of the computer that works on the information supplied.

The processor and all other parts form are called the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

Thirdly, It’s housed by that box called casing, the casing could be vertical(Tower Top) or horizontal (Desktop).

Fourthly, the rate at which information is processed by the CPU varies and it depends on:

1. The processor speed (Pentium IV, Pentium III, Pentium II or Pentium.

2. Available RAM (Random access memory) size.

However, the motherboard is the layout on which the components of the computer are attached inside the system units.


Still, Storage devices are used to hold data (information) in the computer and also to transfer data from one computer to another.


1. Hard Disk

2. Floppy Diskette

3. Zip Diskette

4. Tape

5. Flash

6. Compact Disk

Thus, the storage device is kept in housing called DRIVE.

There are two types of Drive

1. Removable Drives

2. Non-removable Drives

Therefore, removable drives are just like the name sounds, those devices that can be removed from their housing.

Examples are the Floppy Disk, Compact Disk, etc.

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Then, Non-removable drives are those housing for storage devices that are not detachable

An example is the Hard Disk Drive ( HDD)

DEVICE                                                                         HOUSED BY

Hard Disk                                                                    Hard Disk Drive

Floppy Diskette                                                           Floppy Drive

Tape                                                                            Tape Drive

Compact Disk                                                             CD ROM Drive

DVD                                                                              DVD ROM

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Sometimes, you will come in contact with is the Flash, iPod, CD and DVD etc.

Accordingly, the CD ROM is read-only you cannot write on it, but you only read from it.

CD-R is a blank CD that can be written onto once.

CD-RW is a blank CD that can be onto, erased and rewritten onto.

Again, DVD-R and DVD-RW that has the same features as CDs except for the data size which is more.

Hence, To write on a CD, you need a CD-Rewrite Drive while you also need a DVD-Rewrite.

Note: Always hold CD with your first finger in the center hole, to place it on the surface.

Data storage is measured in Bytes.

DATA SIZE                              HIGHER UNITS

1000 Bytes                                    1 KB

1024 KB                                         1 MB

1000 MB                                         1 GB

1000 GB                                          1 TB 

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