Steps On How To Bake Fruit Bread

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Firstly, this fruit bread is an egg less bread made with whole wheat flour in a larger proportion.

Secondly, I have used candied orange peels, tutti frutti, glazed cherries to make this bread.

Join me as I introduce you to my simple recipe.

Thirdly, wheat flour-3cups.
All-purpose flour- 1 cup. Sugar-7tbsp.
Yeast-2tbsp. Corn flour-3tbsp.
Water-1¹/² cup.
Tutti fruit-3tbsp.
Orange peel(zest)-3tbsp.
Chopped cherries-3-4.
Vegetable oil or melted butter-5tbsp.

However, Proof the yeast with warm water together with a pinch of sugar and set aside.

Then In a separate bowl, mix both the flours, salt. Sugar, tutti, cherries orange zest and cornflour.

Also, Add step 1 into step 2 alongside the vegetable oil or melted butter and knead to form a dough.

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Again, Add more water if the dough seems hard.

Nevertheless, Cover and let it rise for 1-2hrs to double in size

Thus, grease the whole dough with oil so it does not dry out.
Grease and line your loaf pan.

Besides, shape the dough into a loaf and place into the loaf pan.

For instance, cover and keep for about 30 minutes.

Ultimately, Place in a preheated oven to bake until desired brownness is achieved.

Finally, take off the oven and your fruit bread are achieved.

In conclusion, any other fruits of your choice can be added as well.


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